The roots of the New Jersey Surfing Championships began in the 1960’s when the legendary Cecil Lear began running surf contests in New Jersey. In the early days it was known as the New Jersey Open. The fledgling contest attracted Surfers from all over the Garden State anxious to show off their new Surfing skills to their buddies. After a couple years, Cecil’s contests grew to encompass the entire East Coast.

Fast forward to the mid-80’s. Gary Clayton and Don Tarrant were brought into the ESA to become Directors of the brand new Central New Jersey District. After beginning to build the District for a few years, they stumbled upon the idea to resurrect a New Jersey Surfing Championship that would crown a true state-wide Champion in every age group. The Contest was met with enormous success. After 3 years with the District growing wildly and personal lives, they discontinued the Event.

In 2016, Belmar Pro producers, Scott Goodwin and Don, along with Bill Brooks and Mark Sisom, began discussing reviving the Championships. With the help of some local Sponsors and O’Neill They had the funding to move forward for 2017.  We are hoping to bring a really fun, exciting competition that will showcase the best talent in our State and once again crown true State Champions in each age group as well as a Pro Champion!

All age groups will be by Age as of 01/01/2017
** Registration link will be up soon! **

PRO Open Division 

(*Amateurs can not surf in Pro division)

Amateur Divisions
  • Boys 14 & under
  • Jr Men 15-17
  • Jr Women under 17
  • Men 18-24
  • Women over 18
  • Masters 25-44
  • Legends 45 & over
  • Open Longboard
  • Retro 80’s (open)
  • Open Pro

Contest Rules
  1. All age groups to be decided by Contest Directors
  2. All Competitors must have a valid address in NJ.
  3. There is NO surfing up or down in Divisions.
  4. Pro Competitors cannot compete in Amateur Divisions, except for Longboard & Retro.
  5. There is no maximum wave count.
  6. Longboards can be Classic or Modern, but must be at least 9’. Leashes are ok.
  7. Interference – An interference will be called if a surfer hinders the scoring potential of another surfer who has the right of way on the wave. If an interference is called the surfer deemed to have interfered will be penalized 50% of their second highest scoring wave. Two interference’s in one heat will result in the disqualification of that surfer who then must leave the water.
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